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Unleashing Tech Brilliance in Collaboration with Piggyvest

Get ready for an upcoming tech connect like no other! LOOP Meetup 3.0 is here, promising insights, networking, and a vibrant tech community gathering.Get ready for an immersive experience at LOOP Meetup 3.0, hosted in collaboration with Piggyvest, at Co Creation Hub, Herbert Macaulay Way, Lagos, Nigeria! This dynamic event is a melting pot for tech enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, and anyone passionate about the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Just concluded

Elevate 2.0

Elevate 2.0 was amazing, loads of interesting topics, features and prizes won. Click the button to find out more

Thank You!

Elevate 2.0 was an incredible journey into the world of user and product communication! We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the businesses, customer support professionals, communication experts, founders, and CTOs who joined us at this annual one-day event in Lagos, Nigeria.

Together, we dived into the importance of communication with our customers, product users, and brand positioning. Our aim was to empower you with the right tools to create efficient and seamless communication across various product phases. Throughout the event, we engaged in valuable conversations about transactional communication, Marketing and Promotional campaigns, and the power of personalized messaging through mobile channels.