Thank You!

Elevate 2.0 was an incredible journey into the world of user and product communication! We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the businesses, customer support professionals, communication experts, founders, and CTOs who joined us at this annual one-day event in Lagos, Nigeria.

Together, we dived into the importance of communication with our customers, product users, and brand positioning. Our aim was to empower you with the right tools to create efficient and seamless communication across various product phases. Throughout the event, we engaged in valuable conversations about transactional communication, Marketing and Promotional campaigns, and the power of personalized messaging through mobile channels.


First Panel Session

Winning Customers loyalty: Proven Communication Strategies for Startups and SMEs

Norah Ikoh, Ayooluwa Hasstrup, and Chikaodi Emmanuel

The first panel session at the Termii Elevate Conference provided valuable insights into proven communication strategies for winning customer loyalty. Leveraging user-generated content, empowering support teams, gathering insights from surveys, and engaging customers on social media were key takeaways. Building an emotional connection, personalization, and empowering team members were also highlighted as essential components for fostering lasting customer loyalty. By implementing these strategies, businesses can expect improved customer retention and a stronger brand reputation. Investing in customer loyalty is not just a business strategy; it is a commitment to nurturing valuable relationships with those who keep businesses thriving.

Second Panel Session

Preventing Fraud in Customer Transactions: Best Practices and Strategies

David Adeleke, OJ, Ibrahim Adesanya, Olayinka from Nomba

The discussion revolved around fraud management and prevention. The speakers discussed technology-enabled fraud while building financial services. They highlighted the human element as the weakest link in the security chain and emphasized the importance of education and training for employees and customers. They also discussed the need for businesses to enhance customer understanding of fraud and risk management through clear and accessible information.Proactive measures such as the adoption of technology and tools for fraud prevention, were also discussed. They stressed the importance of robust security measures, access control, and regular system testing, emphasis was made on the role of machine learning in detecting anomalies in customer behavior patterns, as well as the use of user verification techniques and transaction monitoring.

First Keynote Speech

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Communication: Automation, Personalization, and Beyond

Adaora Nwodo

Adaora Nwodo, a Microsoft software engineer, delivered the first keynote speech highlighting the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). She emphasized AI's role in customer communication, automation, and personalization, citing examples like Grammarly and Siri. Nwodo stressed that AI can enhance efficiency by automating tasks, analyzing customer data to create personalized experiences, and ultimately elevating customer communication, efficiency, and business growth.

Second Keynote Speech

The Role of Communication in Customer Success and Support

Toyin Adepegba

Toyin Adepegba, Head of Marketing at Omnibiz, emphasized the pivotal role of communication in today's business landscape during her keynote speech. She stressed that communication professionals should aim to evoke emotions and prompt desired responses from customers by using personalized communication strategies which include clear and empathetic communication. Toyin also emphasized the need to measure communication effectiveness through well-defined metrics which will allow businesses to know the right channel to engage their customer segment.

Third Keynote Speech

Transforming Customer Communication: The Power of Automation and Integrated Messaging

Isaiah Accra-Jaja, Divisional CIO at Uba Group

Isaiah's presentation highlighted the transformative impact of automation in integrated messaging systems across diverse industries. He illustrated how automation enhances customer experiences by quickly addressing errors and providing real-time feedback, using examples like transaction failures. Isaiah emphasized the substantial role of automation in sectors like finance, telecommunications, and retail, where seamless system integration improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, leading to better customer retention.

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