The loop event is a great connection for developers and product managers alike, it's a must-attend event!

Loop Meetup is an event that brings together professional developers to network, learn from each other, and have fun. The last edition of the Loop Meetup, Loop Meetup 3.0, saw developers from Termii, Paystack, and other companies come together to share their experiences as developers and witness the launch of the beta version of the Termii Go App. We had software development experts talk about the journeys that led them to discover how to make an impact with digital technology. Ifeoluwa Sobogun, a Backend Engineer at Paystack, gave a presentation on his journey at Paystack.We also had an engaging fireside chat with Chigozie Anyasor and Ruth Ikegah. They shared tips and ideas for becoming more efficient with coding, as well as their insights into the broader software development process. The highlight of the day was the interactive launch of the Termii Go beta. Developers had the opportunity to download and test the app, and share their feedback with the Termii team. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the developers were excited to see the potential of the Termii Go App to revolutionize the way they work. Overall, Loop Meetup 3.0 was a successful event that brought together developers from different backgrounds to share their knowledge and experiences.

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